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LABhelp Andrew Watson - LABhelphave been working with microbiology and chemistry food and drink testing laboratories since 2010. Proudly independent and impartial, LABhelp continue to support our clients to improve and strengthen working practices.

With over 20 years experience of 3rd party auditing to ISO17025 related requirements plus extensive knowledge of retailer specific supplementary audits, together with in excess of 50 years hands-on microbiological & chemical laboratory knowledge LABhelp are ideally suited to help laboratories improve and streamline their operations.

LABhelp aim to provide your laboratory with support in all areas of your operations to allow you to focus on the more business critical areas, namely sample analysis and client satisfaction.

LABhelp offer a full portfolio of services, ranging from method and procedure review upto continual day to day support for laboratories without experienced microbiologists or chemists. We can help you more closely meet all your client and accreditation needs to ensure that your laboratory provides the best service to your company and business.

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Andrew Watson – has been directly involved in food and water microbiology for 30 years from an “educational” degree student placement year, through Lab Technician, Lab Manager, Sales of Laboratory Services and as a Laboratory Auditor. Andrew has experience in all aspects of laboratory operations from the bench up from making media through sample analysis of food, water and non-consumable products to classical and kit based confirmation tests. Extensive managerial experience in dealing with staff, clients and auditors, plus with compiling manuals and working to accreditation requirements there are very few areas unfamiliar to him.

He says LABhelp offers the opportunity to take a fresh look at laboratory systems and streamline them where possible and practical, whilst still maintaining all the necessary information. Records can be redesigned to better capture all necessary detail and procedures can be reworded to better demonstrate compliance with accreditation body and retailer requirements. Cost and time savings are often the result allowing staff more time carry out their functions making their time more productive and businesses more efficient and ultimately more profitable.”

jan bainesJan Baines – is a Microbiologist who has worked in various aspects of the science for over 40 years, with the last 20 years spent predominantly in the food and water sector of microbiology. Her experience has been gained from positions as a microbiologist in the poultry industry, dry-products industry through medical/pharmaceuticals to Lab Manager of a busy food testing Central Microbiology Lab and more recently as a Laboratory Auditor compliant with ISO 17025. Jan has gleaned extensive skills throughout her career from all microbiological bench practices, implementing food and water methods and compilation of safety, quality and methods manuals. Experience of dealing with clients, staff at all levels, managing a large laboratory, all aspects of accreditation and trouble shooting in a variety of differing situations equip her for dealing with all laboratory situations and problems.

Jan feels that LABhelp could provide a practical ‘hands on’ approach to help to streamline laboratory operations whilst maintaining required standards. With her experience gained over the years, a new pairs of eyes can assist laboratory’s to be more productive and efficient, by adapting systems that are in place. So in this time of cost cutting LABhelp could offer valuable advice for laboratories to be more productive with limited assets provided.